Science Communication

EPIBEL aims for a maximum impact on both international scientific research, policy and society.

The EPIBEL website and EPIBEL twitter account allow to follow our progress

Furthermore, EPIBEL aims for a valorisation by a range of different activities and by-products. Some of these are explicitly aimed at experts, others at non-experts, or at both. These include:

– 8 POLICY BRIEFS summarizing EPIBEL’s key findings relevant for epidemic management directives
– an EPIBEL Atlas of the epidemic history of Belgium (from the Plague to COVID-19).
– In collaboration with S.O.S. ANTWERP, an exposition (and/or roadshow) on the history of epidemics in Belgium
– A tutorial on ‘how to do historical research on causes of death and epidemics in your local community’.
– An educational toolkit on the history of epidemics.

Via this website regular updates on activities will be given.