We are hiring for a pre-doctoral position

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EPIBEL is looking to add a PhD researcher to its team.

In this doctoral project we want to emphasize the experiences of socially disadvantaged groups during major epidemic mortality crises in the history of Belgium, from the last great plague waves in the 17th century to the worst cholera and smallpox outbreaks in the 19th century. Was the risk of illness and death greater for those living in poverty, and if so, why? What social and medical facilities existed, and how did they respond to an epidemic? Did a major mortality crisis sometimes lead to new forms of solidarity (temporary or structural)? Did the contemporary actually see an association between epidemic disease and poverty? Perhaps the association with poverty was perception rather than reality? And if so, did that lead to structural measures to reduce social frailty, or just to blind panic, with people in poverty being targeted as potential sources of disease?

You can find all relevant info here, apply before 30 June!